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Australia's Online Commercial Law Firm.

Prosper Law is a 5 star rated, Commercial Law Firm located in Australia, online and available to our clients 24/7.


What We Offer.

It's simple. We provide commercial and legal advice to businesses just like yours.



Prosper Law is a boutique, online commercial law firm. We provide first-class legal advice to small to medium-sized businesses and in-house legal teams across Australia. Our online legal advice is fast, affordable and easy to understand.

We are known for providing legal advice that is commercial and down-to-earth. We don't believe in providing black-letter legal advice. Instead, our legal services are designed so that you can pursue commercial opportunities and protect your business.


As an online law firm, we pride ourselves in offering flexible payment options to our clients.


We are a fixed fee commercial law firm and one of only a few commercial law firms in Australia to accept cryptocurrency as payment. We also offer buy now, pay later options; enabling our clients to pay for legal services in installments.


Contact us today for a no-obligation, free legal consultation and quote from an experienced Australian business lawyer. 

You can also complete our contact form for a free legal template from our online shop.


Prosper Law has unparalleled experience in commercial contracts.

We can draft, negotiate, review, amend and provide general legal advice for any kind of commercial contract.

Contact us today if you need a commercial contracts lawyer.


Legal Counsel

We offer in-house Legal Counsel Services for Legal Teams and Medium to Large Businesses.

If your team is over-capacity, is experiencing a temporary influx of legal work, or one of your team members is on leave, sick or there is an employment gap, we can help.

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Legal Counsel


We can provide legal services to both employers and employees.

Prosper Law can draft, review and negotiate employment agreements.

Visit our employment law page to find out more about our employment legal services or contact us today to speak with an employment lawyer.



We're experts at drafting and negotiating eCommerce agreements that will manage your business' risk, identify commercial opportunities and ensure your agreement works for your eCommerce business.

Visit our eCommerce legal services page or contact us today to speak to an eCommerce lawyer.



We offer pre-publication legal reads for authors and publishers. We can provide advice on legal issues as well as offer alternative wording to reduce legal risk for publications. 

Visit our publication law services page or contact us today to speak to an Australian book publishing lawyer.


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What our clients have to say.

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In every aspect of our working relationship we have found Farrah to be extremely knowledgeable, committed and thorough in her work for us. She is a woman of integrity who consistently take the stress out of what can be at times stressful matters. We will continue to utilise her services and highly recommend Prosper Law...

Christian Schwertfeger

Quotation mark

I was referred to Prosper Law via personal networks. Farrah demonstrated her capability and willingness to assist my business with Standard Terms & Conditions for major and ad hoc Contract Agreements contextualised to my business. She also assisted with corporate Memorandum of Understandings and provided advice regarding other corporate Service Agreements. This was all done in a way that I understood and most of all, made me become comfortable my business is commercially protected and legislatively compliant

P Cheales

Quotation mark

Prosper Law have provided our business with the much needed legal advice that have allowed us to have a greater understanding and appreciation for Construction Contract Law. We’ve highly valued Farrah’s advice and exceptional negotiation skills, ensuring successful outcomes for our Business! Prosper Law have become and integral and valued member of our Business

Adam & Karlita

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Free 30 minute consultation and template amending by an Australian Business Lawyer with each purchase

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